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Our Miraculous Growing Kits allow anyone to grow beautiful choice edible mushrooms with incredible ease. By following our simple instructions you will be harvesting your very own mushrooms in as little as 7-10 days. Our mushrooms begin as cultures grown on organic rye berries before they are transferred to pasteurized organic straw, both of which we’ve procured from Oregon farms here in the Pacific Northwest. These substrates serve as the mushroom’s food before they fruit for you.

Pearl Oyster Kit

This vigorous growing species of mushroom is one of the most widely consumed mushrooms in the world. It is prized for its bountiful harvests and loved as a gourmet edible. Repeat the steps on the back of the box once you have harvested your first flush of mushrooms to get even more mushrooms from your kit. Get up to four flushes from one kit!

Golden Oyster Kit

The Golden Oyster is a stunningly beautiful species of edible mushroom. This mushroom growing kit is your chance to see them up close. While very popular in many parts of the world, the Golden Oyster has not yet made its mark on US markets the way the Pearl Oyster has. It’s hard to believe when considering the brilliant color and amazing flavor of this edible fungi. As with the Pearl Oyster, by repeating the steps on the back of the box, you can get up to four flushes with a single kit!